Top 15 WhatsApp Marketing Tools in India

Best WhatsApp Marketing Tools
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Looking for the best WhatsApp Marketing Tools in India for your business promotions, then the following article will help you find which suits your requirements.

WhatsApp is a free mobile app used to chat, share files and images, support free audio and voice calls using the internet connection via Wi-Fi or mobile data. It has become popular in about 109 countries by hitting 2 billion users across the globe. WhatsApp marketing is a unique platform with different best WhatsApp marketing tools which makes the multimedia transfer faster and easier in promoting business. 

Top 15 WhatsApp Marketing Tools in India


Viria is one of the best WhatsApp marketing tools in India. It’s an easy tool to create successful marketing campaigns with an intuitive user interface. Creating a database for the clients, sending bulk messages, sharing the YouTube video URL to increase the clicks, accessing statistics and customizing marketing campaigns to sort clients according to their name, city and date of birth, automatically creating polls, and sending replies to the users are the key features.

WhatsApp Marketing Tools in India

Wapp Blaster

Wapp Blaster is the best WhatsApp marketing tool in India. It’s an attractive tool that draws the user’s attention by sending unlimited bulk messages to potential clients which further enhances effective marketing.

Hassle-free bulk messages, scheduled texts, multi-language functionalities, multiple clicks or views on video links, automatic group posts, prompt creation of database, report generation and sending texts, images or videos with captions are the key features.

WhatsApp Marketing Tools in India


Allwebmart is an affordable tool considering the cost-effectiveness for small businesses. It targets about 5000 plus customers without fearing message spam. Sending messages in bulk without any credit limit using unlimited characters in text messages, creating and adding WhatsApp groups in generating reports on sent messages making the marketing campaign more effective are the key features.


WhatSender is a user-friendly tool that allows sending bulk marketing messages like promotional offers and personal messages like greetings directly from the desktop. Customizing messages and adding recipients names or other variables, importing contacts from CSV and TXT files by just clicking on the copy and paste option, acquiring access to new contacts from WhatsApp groups, filtering contacts to drive the target campaigns, generating logs after sending messages automatically on a set time are the key features.

Whatsapp Bulk Sender

WhatsApp Bulk Sender is an advanced tool with more promotional messages attached by images and videos with an intuitively designed user interface building firm customer support.

Adding unlimited WhatsApp numbers and sending thousands of messages by personalizing the inbox, responding individually to customer queries, categorizing clients into distinct groups, tracking marketing campaigns by sending messages, and receiving alerts by pre or post-sending automatic messages are the key features.


Agnitas is a widely used tool to monitor the marketing campaign effectively at a reasonable cost. It possesses features like multimedia and multiple language support that help marketers target a wider audience.

Cross channel marketing in integrating the marketing channels like email, fax, web push notifications, etc., managing client database integrated with CRM features, automatically sending personalized and customized messages to the customers on a specified time, and designing and testing ensures statistics are properly accessed to make successful campaigns are the key features.


Whatso is another leading tool with anti-blocking technology where seamless messages can be sent to the targeted customers. It is most popular among small and mid-sized businesses in sending announcements, updates, and offers that create more ideal customers.

Importing contacts from CSV, TXT files by using the copy and paste option. customizing messages, extracting contacts from WhatsApp groups on target marketing, filtering text messages, images, videos, audios, and vCard files are the key features.

Auto Blast Messenger

Auto Blast Messenger is a specifically designed tool for agencies, small and medium businesses. It provides end-to-end solutions for marketing campaigns. Apart from that the tool also provides various features for contract management to maintain appropriate user engagement.

Capturing web subscribers from all the websites and texting them for effective marketing, providing constant support services, developing seamless communication channels by contract management, selecting a group of customers for mass messages without any limitations are the key features.

Rapid Planner

Rapid Planner is a popular tool among mid-sized businesses where social media marketing campaigns are carried out effectively to send personalized messages to clients in real-time.

Also, direct communication with customers builds a good brand image. Using SEO tools for effective social media marketing, customizing system-generated replies, broadcasting bulk messages to clients, filtering contacts to create focus-based broadcasting lists, sending many messages within minutes using anti-spammer are the key features.

WhatsApp Marketing Tools

HubSpot Marketing Automation

HubSpot Marketing Automation is a perfect tool for companies who are looking for marketing campaigns with complete automation where visitors can be easily converted into leads. This saves utilization of resources and focuses on core marketing activities.

Customizing messages and emails for each recipient, gaining more insights on open rates and click-throughs by A/B test, accessing customer information from past records to create hyper-targeted marketing campaigns, managing accounts in social media by monitoring brands, scheduling the posts in social media, designing CTAs and checking clickthrough rates over time are the key features.


Sirena is one of the most efficient and Best WhatsApp Marketing tools in India, that helps in discovering customers to communicate effectively and increase conversions. It is a centralized platform that helps employees to view all the queries and respond accordingly which enhances customer service and builds brand loyalty.

Broadcasting messages easily, tracking visitors who have recently visited the website, integrating with multiple channels, chatting with clients using laptops and PC are the key features.


WhatsHash is a multitasking tool that helps in CRM and semi-automated marketing campaigns. It creates broadcast lists, automates replies, and handles the major CRM operations at an affordable cost.

Replying instant messages, saving text messages and media, building a customer profile, increasing conversions on sales funnels, creating a store on WhatsApp with links and products, messaging directly on WhatsApp Create a when a customer places an order, conducting customer polls and gathering customer feedbacks are the key features.

WAAM-it Sender

WAAM-it Sender is an intuitively designed economical tool to send unlimited customized messages to any number of contacts on WhatsApp.

It supports nearly 60 languages and is perfect for all global organizations. Sends 5000 messages per hour, includes information like names, emojis, links, etc, multiple usages of languages, LTR and RTL message supports, imports contacts from formats like .xls, .xlsx, CSV, and text, scheduling messages on time, sending images with caption are the key features.

Prebuilt Marketing

Prebuilt Marketing is a perfect tool for helping small organizations that are consistent on social media posting and struggling with content creation. This helps in developing brand recognition and customer engagement. Monitoring the social media, posting on automation on various social media channels, publishing content, and getting online support in analytics are the key features.


Q-Sender is one of the most affordable tools that allow sending personalized messages to users. It also helps in establishing two-way communication with clients to sustain a brand value.

Supporting all multimedia formats in personalised messages, targeting marketers by actively using the filters, getting feedback from customers in real-time, generating instant analysis on marketing campaigns and maintaining contact and email management respectively are the key features.

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Frequently Asked Questions

WhatsApp marketing tools are software or platforms that enable businesses to create, manage, and automate marketing campaigns on the WhatsApp messaging platform. They work by providing features such as message scheduling, contact management, and analytics.

WhatsApp marketing tools can benefit businesses of various sizes and industries, including e-commerce, retail, hospitality, healthcare, and more. Any business that wants to engage with customers through WhatsApp can find value in these tools.

Key features include message templates for standardized communication, contact list management, message scheduling, analytics and reporting, and the ability to send multimedia content like images and videos.