WhatsApp Interactive Messages

WhatsApp Interactive Messages

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WhatsApp Business API is always on the lookout to ensure better communication between a brand and its user making it more convenient, interactive and engaging. WhatsApp has two new interactive messaging features to take your seamless communications one step higher with List messages and Reply buttons.

For quite a long time, brands had an access to send only text-based numbered listed for communication via WhatsApp Business API. But these WhatsApp Interactive Messages provide your users a simpler way to navigate the options in messages which is required from your business on WhatsApp.

Advantage of WhatsApp Interactive Messages

WhatsApp Interactive Messages allows the users to quickly select their choices and interact to make the business communications even richer which significantly achieves higher response rates and conversions than those that are only text-based.

What are List Messages and Reply Buttons?

As mentioned above, WhatsApp Interactive Messages has gained its popularity through List Messages and Reply Buttons by taking the communication to the top-notch level. It provides a more consistent and simpler format for people to find and select what they want when conversing with a business’s chatbot on WhatsApp API.

WhatsApp Interactive Messages
WhatsApp Interactive Messages 2

WhatsApp List Messages

List Messages on WhatsApp is a structured message which includes up to 10 options, or where additional context is required per option.  This type of message is expected to work well for many use cases with its multiple menu items and product choices. The users can also make a selection when interacting with your WhatsApp Business Chatbot.

It offers a great way to offer your clients an overview of their choices. For example, they can be used to offer alternatives in a quick and efficient manner like

  • FAQ or customer care menu
  • Booking appointments for any business-like requiring appointments for clinics, hairdressers, reservations, etc.
  • Handling user queries regarding selection of nearby stores or locations especially for businesses with multiple outlets
  • Providing choice of food menus or a take-out menu for restaurants
  • Mentioning the delivery time for last-mile logistics companies 
  • Choosing a recent order to repeat
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Response Buttons

Response Buttons present a structured message with up to three options, enabling users to make a selection effortlessly with just one tap. This feature ensures a prompt and convenient interaction with businesses, offering choices like Yes/No responses or the selection of previously saved addresses for delivery on WhatsApp Ecommerce.

Ideal for swift responses within a limited set of options, such as:

  • Airtime recharge
  • Payment method selection
  • Personal details update
  • Adding optional extras in food orders
  • Reordering a past purchase
  • Requesting a return

It’s essential to note that WhatsApp list messages, particularly Reply Buttons, are not template messages. They don’t require templates and are not pre-approved by WhatsApp. Reply Buttons are particularly valuable for personalized use cases that lack a suitable generic response.

Things that are essential to always keep in mind:

While the brands get these exciting times while using WhatsApp Interactive Messages, there are also few things that they should keep in mind when deploying these 

  1. Interactive messages in the same flow can be combined together.
  2. Users cannot choose more than one option at the same time from a WhatsApp list or Reply button message, but they can go back and retrieve by re-opening a previous message.
  3. In WhatsApp interactive Messages, List or reply button messages can never be used as notifications. In the current scenario, they can only be sent within 24 hours of the last message which is sent by the user. If you attempt to send a message outside the 24-hour window, surely you will get an error message.
  4. Supported platforms include iOS, Android, and web.

How To Get WhatsApp List Messages? 

Currently, WhatsApp list messages are only available on the WhatsApp Business API because it requires heavy coding nature to build them.
Unfortunately, if you’re a user of the free WhatsApp Business app, you may not have access to this feature. WATI, an official WhatsApp Business Service Provider can help you get both the access to set up your WhatsApp list messages and access to WhatsApp API.


In conclusion, WhatsApp Interactive Messages revolutionize user engagement by providing a dynamic and responsive platform for businesses. Offering a seamless and personalized interaction, these messages enhance customer experience, streamline processes, and foster efficient communication.

WhatsApp Interactive Messages empower businesses to create meaningful connections and drive success in the ever-evolving landscape of digital communication.

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Frequently Asked Questions

WhatsApp Interactive Messages are messages that allow users to engage with content in a dynamic way. They can include interactive elements like buttons, quick replies, and multimedia to enhance the user experience.

Businesses can use WhatsApp Interactive Messages for a variety of purposes, such as customer support, appointment scheduling, order tracking, and interactive marketing campaigns. These messages enable real-time interaction with customers.

Yes, businesses can track user engagement with WhatsApp Interactive Messages through analytics and reporting tools provided by WhatsApp Business API or third-party platforms. These tools help measure the effectiveness of interactive campaigns and customer interactions.