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Bulk messaging enables individuals to deliver messages to a large number of people at the same time. It is used as a productive marketing channel that has a major impact of your SMS campaigns depending on several factors including delivery rate, uptime, delivery speed, compliance, scalability, security, support, and campaign customization options. 

In an emerging competitive marketplace, choosing a bulk SMS service in Chennai can be quite challenging because it should be effective to meet all your business requirements like building better customer relationships besides promoting and improving sales. 

Types of Bulk SMS Service

There are different types of bulk SMS service in chennai available that cater to different needs and requirements. Let’s explore some of the common types of bulk SMS services in more detail.

Promotional SMS

This type of bulk SMS service in Chennai is used for marketing and promotional purposes. It allows businesses to send promotional messages to a large number of customers or potential customers to promote their products, services, offers, discounts, and other marketing campaigns.

It often includes a call-to-action (CTA) to encourage recipients to take action such as making a purchase, subscribing to a service, or visiting a website.

Transactional SMS

Used for sending important and critical information to customers or stakeholders. These messages are typically triggered by a specific transaction or activity such as order confirmation, account verification, appointment reminders, transaction alerts, and more.

These are usually time-sensitive and contain important information relevant to the recipient’s transaction or interaction with the sender.


This is used for sending temporary passwords or verification codes to users for authentication purposes. OTPs are widely used as an additional layer of security in various online services such as banking, e-commerce, payment gateways, and more.

These types of messages are usually short, time-sensitive, and provide a unique code that is valid only for a single use or a limited time.

Alerts and Notifications

This type of bulk SMS service in chennai is used for sending real-time alerts, updates, and notifications to customers, employees, or other stakeholders. It can include various types of information such as emergency alerts, service disruptions, news updates, weather alerts, event reminders, and more.

Alerts and notifications SMS messages are often sent to keep recipients informed and updated on important events or developments.

Customized SMS

It allows businesses to send personalized SMS messages to their customers or clients. These messages can be tailored to meet specific requirements such as addressing the recipient by name, including relevant information based on their interests or preferences, and providing a personalized experience. They are highly effective in engaging customers and building a personalized relationship with them.

International SMS

Allows businesses to send SMS messages to recipients located in different countries. This type of bulk SMS service in Chennai is useful for businesses with a global presence or those targeting an international audience. It may require additional considerations such as language translations, country codes, and different regulations in different countries.

Two-Way SMS

Enables businesses to send and receive SMS messages from recipients. It allows for interactive communication, where recipients can respond to the messages, providing feedback or asking questions. This is useful for conducting surveys, receiving customer inquiries, providing customer support, and engaging in interactive communication with recipients.

Factors to Consider to Select a Bulk SMS Service in Chennai

There are some factors to consider significantly while selecting the best bulk SMS provider in Chennai. They include the following:

Maximum Delivery for Minimum Returns

With years of experience in SMS communications, Viria being the best bulk SMS service provider in Chennai provides exclusive services with a fine-tuned SMS gateway technology. This is very important to consider because local SMS providers and resellers are connected to get the most reliable services.

If there is any glitch in the connectivity, there can be a delay or missed SMS. So, you have to ensure you get the maximum delivery for minimum returns keeping in mind that the transactions should not be lost because of technical issues. 

Authentic Real-Time Reports 

You must ensure that getting the best bulk SMS service in chennai helps you with authentic real-time reports or not because it can be easy to track the delivery status of every SMS sent. Choosing Viria as the best bulk SMS service in chennai can be helpful because from validating your database to measuring the campaign reach, you will be assured of authentic delivery reports.  

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Customized SMS Campaigns

Creating powerful, customized SMS campaigns right from the web user interface is very important for any business. Check if the bulk SMS service provider in Chennai provides personalized media-rich SMS campaigns because it is proven to be more effective than bulk SMS service in chennai. Always opt for the bulk messaging service that has unique features saving both your time and resources.

Powerful SMS APIs

An individual or business chooses the service provider who presents a simple to combine API besides inclusive documentation. This can go beyond send-SMS functionality and enables you to receive many more added benefits. Ensure to opt for the best bulk SMS service in chennai that provides a smooth and effective customer relationship management system or websites which is less complicated. 

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Campaign Effectiveness

Consider the best bulk SMS service provider that brings unprecedented visibility to your SMS campaign performance. They should provide bulk messaging services in a detailed click-through report for any weblinks or attachments included in the texts.

Also get to know from them how many recipients opened your links, their mobile number, device characteristics, and the time of the click. This can be an indicator of customer engagement. 

Clear and Honest Pricing

Check for transparency while considering the pricing structure as a vital factor to select the best bulk SMS service provider in Chennai. Absolutely, there should not be any hidden charges. Beware of SMS vendors who lure customers with very cheap SMS pricing but they can also pile up various hidden charges including API fees, platform subscription fees, transactional account fees, higher pricing for transactional SMS, Sender ID fees, and so on.

Data Privacy and Security

Do not forget to check if the best bulk SMS service provider in Chennai offers data security to its clients. It should be of utmost importance for any business because some unscrupulous SMS vendors often share your hard-earned customer data with other customers to show off their low pricing. The damage can be quite severe if the bulk service in Chennai shares the customer data with your competitor.


While selecting bulk SMS service in Chennai, businesses must consider the use of services to be at ease in order to make sure that it facilitates an easy-to-use and accessible platform. They should also satisfy all their business requirements making it effective for its expansion with a huge outreach.


Thus, bulk SMS service in Chennai contributes greatly to the marketing business and it is one of the most cost-effective tools of marketing. But choosing a worthy Bulk SMS service provider seems to be a daunting task.

Viria is the best bulk SMS service in chennai that provides comprehensive transactional and marketing bulk messaging services at affordable rates besides offering high-security services.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Bulk SMS service in Chennai may have varying recipient limits depending on the service provider. To align with your business requirements, it’s crucial to inquire about the maximum number of recipients allowed per campaign.

This information ensures that your messaging strategy can accommodate the desired audience size and that you can efficiently reach your target demographic while staying within the provider’s campaign parameters.

Certainly! You can conveniently schedule bulk SMS service in Chennai campaigns with many service providers in Chennai. These scheduling options enable you to plan and prepare campaigns in advance, ensuring that your messages are delivered to your audience at precisely the most opportune times and dates.

This strategic approach maximizes the impact of your communication efforts, allowing you to engage with your target demographic when they are most likely to be receptive, enhancing the overall effectiveness of your SMS campaigns.

Many bulk SMS service in Chennai offer the valuable feature of customizable sender IDs. This customization option empowers businesses to imprint their unique brand identity in every message they send.

By confirming with your chosen provider regarding the availability of personalized sender IDs, you can ensure that your recipients recognize and trust the source of the SMS, thereby enhancing brand recognition and fostering a professional image in your SMS communications.

It’s a simple yet effective way to establish credibility and leave a lasting impression.

Consider the level of customer support the provider offers. Inquire about their support channels, response times, and the availability of technical assistance. A responsive and knowledgeable support team is essential to address any issues promptly and ensure the smooth operation of your SMS campaigns.

Look for a provider that offers a range of features, such as personalized messaging, scheduling, delivery reports, and easy integration with your existing systems. Consider your specific needs and ensure that the service provides the functionality required for your business or communication goals.