Set up IVR for your Business

Set up IVR for your Business

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In the past, missing calls, forgetting customers’ names, and losing out on precious deals has been a hassle. Setting up an IVR system was a boon that created a great opportunity to solve these problems to a huge extent.

What is an IVR Service Provider?

IVR (Interactive Voice process) is an automated telephony technology that can help the caller to access the information required without waiting for hours to connect with an agent.  It works on pre-recorded messages and the dial pad inputs of the caller.

Business IVR makes sure that it offers the option of self-help to callers by availing the service 24*7 saving both the customer’s and employee’s time and a lot more. Also, you needn’t worry about the size of your business because every enterprise can have access to IVR service providers based on your core branding and customer success goals.

Why do you need IVR for your business?

1. Setting up business IVR can help you to get in touch with your clients easily and also makes the working process easier.

2. Creates a business reputation by either responding to them instantly or entertaining them with little tricks like playing some music to keep the customers engaged.

3. You can also customize the pre-recorded message like mentioning the working hours, etc with IVR service provider so that the customers can contact you at their convenience to make the customer service better and run an efficient business

4. It is affordable to use to compete fairly in the market and does not require any physical set up to be hosted.

Advantages of using business IVR

Increases efficiency of the agents and makes them more productive

Business IVR can be a powerful technology that lets customers help themselves at their convenience unless they might need an agent’s time and attention. In case if the customer seeks assistance, the IVR service provider can aid in connecting the caller to an agent as per the customer’s dial pad input.

On the other hand, the agent can focus on resolving more crucial issues for the clients as business IVR can handle a great amount of workload for the agent to enable customers to help themselves. This can increase work efficiency and productivity.

Set up IVR for your Business

Saves customer’s time

The best gift a brand can give is to save the clients time. The Business IVR framework allows massive timesaving benefits for the customers. Through IVR service provider, customer calls are responded to quickly leaving no calls unattended.

This way customer calls are not missed and also giving a call back doesn’t create chaos creating inconvenience for the customers and preventing the productivity of the agents from falling drastically. So, opting for business IVR ensures swift and speedy on-call resolution eliminating the manual call transfer system and increasing on-call sales closures.

Creates rich analytics

IVR service provider for your business can be comprehensive as it provides readily available analytics. All the reports on a daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly basis can be acquired with clear data to make changes in your business plans or customer service as per the requirement.

These rich analytics from the business IVR can figure out the direction of your business and change the plans/path if needed. This important data helps to expand the business.

Effective ways to take into consideration for setting up IVR for your business

Greet your customers with care to promote your brand but do not overdo it as it can annoy and discourage your callers. Limit your introductory message preferably under 7.9 seconds.

Use only one professional voice for your IVR menus to maintain consistency because it can confuse the callers and make them feel they are not getting a quality service.

Choose pleasant and modern music with an integrated promotional message or upcoming events when the caller is on hold as it reflects your company’s image and values. Poor choice or music can underestimate your company’s brand.

Test your IVR by examining user responses with least options for the most common selections and simplest requests as the customers press a specific key. 

Allow an option to directly communicate with a human agent if the caller wishes to speak with a concerned person to address the issues clearly.

End your calls correctly by encouraging the customers to call back for any queries or information requests in future. Also, collect feedback from callers on your business IVR to continuously improve your performance.

Establish precise scenarios for managing your calls and route them to the right parties with Viria as we are experts in setting up IVR service provider for your business with an efficient service.

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