Email Marketing Companies in Chennai

Email Marketing Companies in Chennai
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Email Marketing is a powerful tool in marketing that helps the customers to be aware of the new products, discounts, or other services. It educates your audience to create value for your brand and also keeps them engaged between purchases playing a pivotal role in the marketing strategy building relationships, and creating brand awareness through different types of marketing emails. 

Find the best Email Marketing Companies in Chennai for your business! 

Here are the best Email Marketing Companies in Chennai


Viria provides a ready-to-use communication platform for businesses. You can connect with your customers at any time zone from any location. The engagement with the customers is explicit to satisfy them to a huge extent using smart technology.

Also, it is popular for its reliability on small-scale businesses and entrepreneurs in web development and maintenance and software development. Moreover, it remarks itself as the best icon in being the best email marketing company to tackle the whims of the virtual world in Chennai.

What Can You Expect From Our Email Marketing Service?


Before signing any contracts, we conduct a comprehensive review of your email marketing applications and strategies, providing you with a detailed report that highlights what is working, what is not, and any changes we recommend to drive significant growth.

Strategy Planning

We also keep a close eye on your current email marketing efforts as we clean and segment your email list. Meanwhile, you can focus on writing, designing, and launching your email campaigns as scheduled.


We’re ready to dive in and get to work, putting our sleeves up and focusing on the task at hand. You can focus on writing, designing, and launching your email marketing campaigns as per schedule.


Observe revenue streams while we continually fine-tune, test, and strive to achieve higher results for your email marketing campaigns. You will soon understand why email marketing is touted as having one of the highest ROIs of any marketing channel.

Digital SEO

Digital SEO is an expert in digital marketing to set its sails on high in achieving targets making a lasting impression. It catapults your business to greater heights to prove itself as the best email marketing companies in Chennai. It helps you to discover your brand’s voice by driving it to the top.

Our exclusive email marketing services are highly professional to make an impact with the power and potential to produce amazing results.

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Raga designers

Raga Designers is one of the best email marketing companies in Chennai which conquers the local marketplace with extraordinary creativity by using the latest website standards. It has key features like portal development, domain services, mobile app,s and print services to make sure to satisfy the needs of the customer to a wide extent.


Opteamize Cloud Solutions offers the best email marketing services and influences the target email marketing companies in Chennai with personalized emails. They provide lead generation and conversion services by taking care of the entire email campaign process from start to finish, which includes monitoring, design, lead capture, and follow up which is highly beneficial for small and medium businesses.

Ssk web technologies

SSK Web Technologies deals with high-quality online products and services by being the premium source for web designs and development, software development, logo designs, brochure designs, and corporate identities designs with an emphasis on superior quality and affordability. They perform ready-made solutions to custom web design solutions in being the best email marketing companies in Chennai.


Lamdasoft is a newly emerged IT Services company that is focused on email marketing services in Chennai. They provide all the services in software development, web application and portal development, web-based enterprise solutions, independent verification & validation by using technical expertise with profound knowledge of the latest industry trends with a quality-driven delivery model.


Dial4sms are the leading email marketing companies in Chennai. Their services are characterized by excellence which provides specialized, and hassle-free sophisticated services in an affordable manner.  A huge range of customized solutions enables business organizations to communicate with their existing and potential clients.


KVN Promo is a comprehensive, marketing firm consultancy with highly qualified marketing professionals having specialized marketing experience in different sectors as the best email marketing companies in Chennai services with highly satisfied clients where the majority of them are market leaders.

Origin interactive

Origin Interactive have the designer tricks up our sleeves to enhance their creativity as the best email marketing companies in Chennai. The techniques used to build a strong rapport with its clients are mind-blowing & fantabulous in providing prompt service.

Metaforum solutions

Metaforum Solutions is one of the email marketing companies in Chennai and across India. They provide integrated digital marketing solutions for the clients like web design and hosting along with software development and additional services in a cost-effective manner.


To sum up, when it comes to email marketing companies in Chennai, Viria has always been a popular name. You can rest assured with the experts here as they provide you with top-notch creative and innovative email marketing services. This can help you further enhance your business with excellent exposure.

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What are the 4 types of email marketing?

The email marketing companies in Chennai use email marketing as a powerful tool to acquire, engage and retain customers. The four types of campaigns that can help your business grow to include Email newsletters, retention emails, acquisition emails, and promotional emails. All of these can make your business valuable to achieve your business goals.

How much does it cost to hire an email marketer in Chennai?

On average, a mid-size business that has approached email marketing companies in Chennai can get a rough estimate between Rs. 24,477 to Rs. 81.590 per month. But the cost can vary depending on the platform, tool used, count of subscribers, and the duration of the email marketing price packages.

Which industry is best for email marketing?

Over a decade, email marketing is considered to be the most effective digital marketing platform. There are used in various fields but few industries that are performing well by approaching the best email marketing companies in Chennai. They include the hospitality industry, the retail industry, the wedding industry and the industry that sells luxury brands.

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