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ivr solution
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Automated and personalised voice communications

Looking for IVR service provider in chennai. Viria’s voice products and solutions employ intelligent business logic and advanced algorithms that enables enterprises to leverage our enhanced voice communication capabilities.

Outbound Dialing

Empowering enterprises to send pre recorded messages of phone calls instantly and simultaneously to thousands of mobile numbers.

Inbound Dialing

Deliver exceptional service to the customers. every customer interaction is handled appropriately across the enterprise to encourage proactive action.

Missed Call

Gain insights, help customers voice their opinion, participate in polls. Brand engagement, consumer engagement, lead generation, customer verification & authentication tool.

Voice OTP

Quick and reliable notification solution ensures guaranteed delivery of information on consumer’s mobile; like transactional OTP, utility passwords, and alerts.


Sharper Engagement
Better Business

Break the social, literal, regional and linguistic barriers across geographies along with a deeper penetration in the urban, tier 2, tier 3 and rural population

Customise & Craft Calls

Build the call experience you want. Every call can be customised. Route customers to the right agent for solving their problem.

Low Latency

Make your call with very minimal delay in reach of time. Consistency and high throughput support with proper DLR handling. 

Scalable & Flexible

Designed with highly scalable architecture, Viria’s voice solutions are flexible and highly configurable, enabling on the fly integration. 

Predictive Insights

Get extensive reports to analyze from customer history, order details, previous call records- all in one place, for faster actions. 

IVR Service Provider

IVR solution is also knoe as Interactive Voice Response. This technology allows human interaction with computers via voice inputs and keypad inputs. The IVR service has the main benefit of saving money, time, and labor costs. You can use it for voice OTP, Voice SMS, Voice SMS, Click to Call, Voice SMS, Voice SMS, Voice SMS, Voice Toll-Free Number, Multi Level IVR, Call Centre, Turn Key, Call Conferencing and Auto Dialer Service. You can automate your day with many other services.

IVR Services s particularly for evaluating the sales and marketing campaign. The IVR system can accept voice input as well as touch-tone keypad selections and provide appropriate responses.


  • With the integration of IVR, you will be able to get your own virtual mobile number or landline number.
  • By simply changing the Unicode system, you can connect with your customers in their native language.
  • Super voice quality is possible without external interference. You can also use music to hold the phone to send greetings to customers.
  • Our user-friendly interface for the IVR integration portal allows you to make use of it.
  • Parallel/Round Robin.
  • You can record any voice, and the system has an inbuilt system that allows you to monitor your calls. Our special feature is that it allows you to blacklist any number at anytime.


  • They can increase their productivity by answering mock calls and making automated calls.
  • Enabling the IVR system within an organization will reflect your brand and help to create a professional image. This will attract customers.
  • IVR System is a cost-saving tool that can help you increase your revenue through more marketing campaigns and other promotional activities.
  • With the right company information, you can reach your customers from anywhere and anytime.

Viria, one of the best IVR service provider in chennai. We provide quick setpup and user friendly interfrace.


Enhance Brand Image

Choose a number that resonates with your brand, by filtering international and domestic virtual phone numbers.
Hosted IVRs
Voting and Polling
Call Recording
Concurrent Calls

“IVR solution will reduce your cost and will help to increase your revenue. Let customer reach you from any time and anywhere”

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