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Satisfying customer experiences start here. payment receipts to delivery alerts. Connect with your customers across their entire purchase with transactional messages and useful notifications. Improve Customer Experience By Timely Sending Information To Develop Trust In Customers

Keep your customers informed with their critical notification. At Viria we offer the best services to the industries belonging from various niches.

Leverage the way clients interact with your business by using our service. User-Friendly, Fully Integrated API without Extra Cost

Faster Time to Market

Automate end-to-end customer journeys using our Visual Flow Builder and start engaging with customers 10x faster. Our visual flow builder offers 20+ pre-built nodes for interactive communication automation

AI-powered Conversational Engagement

Enable conversational customer engagement using our integrated NLP and AI capabilities. Get access to 15+ pre-built NLP functions on chatbots such as date/time recognition, sentiment analysis and more.

Unified Messaging API

Easily integrate and deploy messaging on 10+ channels out-of-the-box with our multi-channel API and interact with your customers anywhere in the world.

Intelligent Fallback

Track message status using real-time delivery and read receipts. Intelligently fallback to SMS or other channels for delivering time-sensitive messages.

Enable Smarter Customer Experiences with our WhatsApp Business Solution

Transactional WA Features

Automate transactional notifications & product updates

Reach your customers on their favorite messaging app and get better read and response rates for your transactional notifications, product and service updates, alerts, OTPs and more! Viria offers you comprehensive WhatsApp Business APIs to quickly integrate and trigger WhatsApp messages from your backend systems, CRM applications, mobile applications, or any other software.

Go beyond 160 characters. 

With a 1024-character limit, WhatsApp messages deliver a lot more information than SMS. Businesses find it more cost-effective to send regional language texts and lengthier updates (e.g. ticket details) via WhatsApp.

International reach made easy.

WhatsApp allows you to reach customers across 180 countries easily and affordably with a single number and account. Get rid of local regulation complexities!

Share media-rich texts.

Share media-rich texts, containing audio files, video files, documents, images, or location. The use cases are limitless – Businesses can now offer superior customer experience by sharing insurance policy statements, invoices, product demos, delivery location and other files over WhatsApp.

  • Send SMS With Brand Name
  • Brand your SMS Marketing using your Company/Brand Name. Instantly recognizable when delivered to your customers mobile phones.

Choose Viria as your authorized Transactional WhatsApp Business Solution Provider in Chennai

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Put your audience at the heart of your marketing

Viria Cloud Environment is highly secure, can be easily integrated into any application with the highest uptime level of 99.995% on the platform. We can easily manage content and user responses and help you reduce time to market to a substantial extent. With Viria WhatsApp Cloud deployment you will achieve scale, reliability and simplification in leveraging WhatsApp for your business.

Typically, to enable WhatsApp setup on-premise, an enterprise needs to factor investments on hardware, people, development, uptime etc. Which all translates to higher ownership costs for enterprises; and they will have to go through a learning curve to attain the best of the capability. With viria’s Cloud deployment model all your worries are taken care of completely by viria and only the integration points have to be considered by your team.

Send customers information they need where they want to receive it

How can WhatsApp API help your business? Here are some ideas to get you started.

  • Time Critical Notifications Flight cancellations, delays, rescheduling which requires real-time communication, and customer service.
  • Travel Confirmation & Alerts Flight confirmations, check-in notifications, and boarding passes for travelers.
  • Booking Inquiries Seat selection, payment/billing questions, cabin upgrades, and other information travelers need.

Onboarding the Transactional WhatsApp Business API without the right technology partner can be complicated and cumbersome. Viria is a trusted WhatsApp Business solution partner, with the technical expertise and infrastructure that can help you to reach out to your customers with round the clock support.


Verified Business:

When you set up a business account, you have to add a number, website and other details associated with your business that customers can easily access. This information has to be authorized by WhatsApp to verify the authenticity of the information. The Verified Business status is indicated with the prestigious green business verified icon that is testament to your authenticity. Karix helps you attain this verified business symbol from WhatsApp so that your account is verified and authorized to send messages on behalf of your brand. Once your business is verified the Verified Name will be visible in the chat screens and chat list instead of the phone number, even if you do not have the number saved in the recipients address book.


WhatsApp values the privacy and security of customer data. Messages between WhatsApp users are protected with an end-to-end encryption protocol so that WhatsApp themselves and any third party cannot get access to the message. This is done using an encryption key that only the sender and receiver exchange. All types of WhatsApp messages, whether it is a group chat, or a file, are protected by this security protocol. For added security, WhatsApp users also have the option to verify keys and WhatsApp servers have no access to this data. WhatsApp does not store messages once they are delivered, all message data in the WhatsApp Cloud is transient.

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