Best Bulk SMS Service Provider in Chennai

Bulk SMS Service Provider

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We have an estimated 761 million smartphone users in India and it is expected to reach 966 million users soon. SMS is one of the inexpensive ways to outreach your customers. There are hundreds of companies for bulk SMS service provider in Chennai to cater to the needs of small, medium, and large enterprises or businesses.

Bulk SMS Service Provider in Chennai

We believe that these below bulk SMS service providers in Chennai are the exhaustive ones to cater to your needs appropriately.


Viria is the most sought bulk SMS service provider in Chennai because they strive towards customer satisfaction at the helm and work hard to enhance their sales for a great reach. Viria helps in processing smarter messaging campaigns, with an instant response to the second OTP service, rapid fast notifications, and two-way interactions.

The service helps sustain small businesses and simultaneously boosts sales even for large firms by connecting them with customers.

Text Local

The Text Local bulk SMS platform safeguards the user’s privacy in cloud telephonic communication. It provides a proprietary algorithm to re-route failed messages using the backup operators to offer services like SMS, email, USSD, and chatbot development services to retail and e-commerce companies. Many large-scale and local businesses use these rapid services.


Exotel is a well-known bulk SMS service provider in Chennai. The cloud telephony platform has powerful communication for start-ups, enterprises, and small and medium enterprises. Today it helps millions of businesses in delivering bulk SMSs.

This platform enables you in helping with rapid texting. Some of the brands include 1MG, Ola, RedBus, etc because they rely on Exotel’s service to make sure they manage their SMS delivery on time.

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Knowlarity is a cloud telephony platform that has one of the best bulk SMS service providers with more organizations to manage small-scale, medium, and large-scale businesses. The company helps in providing promotional and transactional SMS service to all its customers, especially for the brands like Hyundai, MG Motor, SMC Global, BharatPe, etc.

SMS Horizon

SMS Horizon can be the one-stop solution that caters to meeting the bulk SMS messaging requirements, at a minimal cost. Their objective is to reach a huge target audience. This bulk SMS service platform features a web interface, API integration, and excel plugin utility along with the other protocols that include HTTP, SMPP, and XML.

Value First

Value First was set up as a bulk SMS service provider which can ease enterprise communication with its platform connecting numerous businesses with their consumers. The company today powers billions of interactions for its customers on a monthly basis. This cloud communication has catered to the needs of the end customers through the customer engagement platform.


TextGuru serves some brands like Punjab National Bank, Hero Motorcorp, and other trust services to manage their bulk messaging services. They help in delivering billions of SMSs every few seconds and incorporate themselves with 4X super-fast connectivity.

This bulk service provider company has a user-friendly dashboard to monitor its performance by comparing itself with the other bulk messengers.


The 2Factor bulk SMS service provider helps its customers with bulk messaging. They provide an extensive service to customers and other large business enterprises and have mobile network operators featuring pay-per-delivered OTP across promotional, phone verification, transactional, and two-way SMS genres.


Fast2SMS is one of the popular bulk messaging providers which specializes in fast Distributed Ledger Technology SMS, providing advertising, promotional, API, and OTP messages. The services are scheduled based on your messages and they will be delivered at a specific time or they also deliver frequent messages at given intervals.


Infobip being the bulk SMS service provider of omnichannel interaction enables a diverse set of tools, and solutions for improving customer authentication, interaction, and security. The company has more experts who deliver billions of messages per year and directly help you connect to global telecom partners.

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