WhatsApp Marketing


What is WhatsApp Marketing?

WhatsApp is an upcoming tool in the field of marketing where customers get easily connected with friends and family.   It is fast, simple, and a convenient mode of messaging.  


How to do WhatsApp in the marketing field?

WhatsApp not only shares messages; it can share the audios and videos too. All you have to do is first install the app on the mobile or use it on your Mac or Windows PC’s. 


Why should you use WhatsApp for marketing?

1. WhatsApp marketing is the ideal platform to deal with customers to focus on achieving the targets as it is the most engaging marketing channel.  2. There is no special tool to manage your account as it is designed especially for small businesses. 


What are the Essential Features of the WhatsApp Business App?

One of the benefits of the standard version of WhatsApp business is that companies can reach their customers by automating, sorting and rapidly responding to their messages. Other business-friendly features include 


Dedicated Business Profile

Business profiles such as email addresses, physical location and a small introduction about yourself can personalize your profile with professionalism.


Instant Replies 

Pool all the frequently asked questions by the customers and respond to it quickly in no time. 


Automated Messages 

Sometimes, it would be difficult to respond to customer queries, automate a greeting message which doesn’t leave the customer disappointed in expecting an instant reply. 


Organize your contacts and chats using the labels which can help you distinguish your task making it easier for you. 



There are a few metrics that have to be followed to have a backup on numerical data analysis to get the real insights of taking necessary actions. 

WhatsApp Marketing Strategies

WhatsApp Marketing Strategies helps you to highlight yourself as it paves a way to reach your brand to numerous customers in a quick span of time. 


Reaching Your Target Audience  

WhatsApp Marketing: Identify the customers by understanding their needs by performing a lot of research.  You can also use an individual number to handle the customer service only for this function. 


Offer Great Value to Design a Phone Database 

It is not recommended to contact your clients to seek their contact numbers as you are not mutually associated.   Make sure you exchange a great value like a promotion, valuable information or a freebie .