Bulk WhatsApp Marketing Coimbatore


Bulk WhatsApp Marketing Coimbatore

Viria, is the leading bulk WhatsApp marketing service provider.  With more than 15 years of marketing experience and 15,000 projects, Viria has helped a number of companies to grow and expand their businesses  with its bulk WhatsApp marketing services.


Engage your customer with the power of Mobile Marketing

In today’s world, mobile has taken over a maximum time of our lifespan, Whatsapp and YouTube consume the most of it.  Since it is a cross-platform app this is leading the messaging world. 


Benefits of Bulk Whatsapp Marketing:

* You get the opportunity to reach a larger audience base at once in a positive way. * Not only text but you can use Image, video, PDF to present your products in bulk Whatsapp campaigns.


Features of Bulk Whatsapp Marketing:

* No Hardware or Software Installation is required * DND Numbers can be reached *Video (.MP4) – 5 MB , Image (.PNG) *5 MB & Text upto 2000 Character


Why do you need Bulk WhatsApp Marketing Coimbatore?

Every business needs to spend something to acquire something in terms of money. Investing is not an issue but the most significant advantage is to quite simply improve the profits for the business by enhancing sales to the target audience.


What is the easy way to stay connected?

You should use the Bulk WhatsApp Marketing Coimbatore to promote, advertise and create awareness about your product.  The delivery of messages works perfectly and the job also gets done quickly with just one click. 


Text Message

* Target your potential customer *No requirement to install special application * Have an access from any browser * Have access from any browserial application


Easy Management

* Easy to download and manage your report *Manage your campaigns and messages with the easy to access user interface


Contact Management

*Subtle and easy way to manage all your contacts lists in our panel *Upload bulk contacts in a user-friendly way.